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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

sure thing?

my homeboy B Lewis did a blog post on this song and i did a follow it goes.

#PHLYLYRIC: “Sure Thing” by Miquel
Maaannnn This Song is the TRUTH! I have to admit that I took me a minute to finally actually listen to the song and its words. As the words are being said, you can truly visual the meatphors he uses, and actually relate them to the way you feel about someone. Miguel devoted the song as a pledge of his devotion to an ex-girlfriend after cheating on her. “I believed we could overcome adversity, obviously unbeknownst to her,” Miguel told MTV. “But I wrote a record for her about how perfect we were for each other.” #DOPE

me (extended version):
i am addicted to this song. like, forreal. it stays on repeat in my earphones. and i'm glad B posted this with his clarification of the song's background and meaning. i feel exactly what he describes in the song everytime i listen....the vid however...meh.

i was pretty disappointed with the video. i feel that he could have gone in so many different directions and displayed love, affection, devotion, etc. in regards to overcoming adversity in a relationship. he #FAILED. all i got from the vid is "look at me and my flyness" "i can kinda dance right" "i'm sexy huh?" and "my chick is a stripper who loves my flyness". WHAT THE FUCK YO? not cool.

1. we have enough representations in music vids of hypersexualized images of females and no matter how hot they are, their only role in the piece is to show complete adoration for the dude. the dude who barely looks at them in the video cuz he's so busy "being sexy". (*insert confused face*)

2. do we even know/understand what love is supposed to look like anymore? why would a love song lead to a vid about some dude and some stripper? and i wish i was just exaggerating...nope. there is a point where we see the chick ON A POLE. why tho? i'm not knocking strippers at all, and i'm sure they need love too. but why did that concept even come within 20 feet of this song? *considers restraining order btwn song and video*

3. if he was gonna love the stripper chick we could have AT LEAST seen him love the stripper chick. at no point in the vid is there any real indication of love, adoration, hell, even of an actual relationship. why not? those still happen right?

all in all, Miguel could've even got cheesy with the vid and it woulda been aight. i mean dramatic movie type video cheezy...

this tho...nope. i mean the song HELLZ YEAH. but the video. nah.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

the nothing is taking over our world

i need to begin this post by stating how much it pains me to even post this video and have to speak on the situation(s) surrounding it, but it is necessary so i shall proceed.

this incident...let me call it what it is...brawl, at alabama state was recently recorded and virally aired. the first thing that sucks about this vid is that it is one of the most horrible representations of black higher ed institutions and students. second, that the person taping the brawl was overly amused by what was happening. third, that when i searched for the vid i found this one under the heading "black brawl in Alabama State University lunchroom" with comments such as "Higher "education" at it's finest in diverse schools in America. Face it people, Diversity is NOT our strength and never will be!! Multiculturalism is nothing more then a weapon to weaken a country's unity. Just what the jewish nation wreckers want. Divided,and at each other's throats so they can rape,rob, and pillage the world.Just what their doing..Wake up!!" and "Straight up niggers. Acting like wild ass monkeys" and "looks like they can't "get along" even with their own" oh and, " nah. Your kind were enslaving each other before the first "cracka" even arrived. Slavery is still being practiced in remote parts of Africa." with a little bit of "Thank God I didnt see any white people in that disgusting mess..." -----word?

(i'll let yall marinate on those statement while watching...)

so. i'm watching the neverending story right now and in the beginning a man gives a speech in which he tells the people in the world they live in that "the nothing" is taking over their world and ultimately killing them. i chuckled at first, thinking that the makers of this movie had to be trippin on acid or 'shrooms or something but then remembered the moral of the movie and its relevance to my people in the black community today, especially the young black community, especially black collegiate communities. apathy = death, when things don't matter anymore, things cease to exist.

as of late, i have become extremely disheartened by the lack of motivation, passion, perserverance, and persistence apparent in black college students. as an aspiring student affairs professional and student also, i care so much about what happens in the lives of college students, how they develop. especially black students. my best friends and close colleagues share these sentiments and i find myself often immersed in thinking, writing, reading, studying, planning, praying for ways to help and serve this population. my desparity sets in when i realize that many of the students could give a fuck less. as long as they seem fly, get high, or breeze by, they do not care about much else.

i don't expect all of these students to wake up one day and want to save the world. nope. i would love if they did but i'm no dummie. i just want them to at least wonder about, wish for, and work for better things for THEMSELVES at least. nothing. no one cares about what happens to themselves or others, in any setting, at any time, allowing scenes like the one above to take place. and for WHAT? and even aside from the most extreme cases like this, the fighting, the lack of student involvement, low academic achievement, poor campus community and unity, and similar issues, are major results of this apathy within black college students.

now begins my task, and the task of any who care enough to want others to care, and change, and grow. how do we stop "the nothing" from destroying our world?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i'm back.

dear blogspot,

i'm sorry i've been gone so long. i can't really explain why, but so much has been going on in my life there may have been a subconscious fear to actually write about it all. don't worry, i'm not gonna write about it all now. its wayyyy too much, believe me. but i wanna tell you about some of the lessons i've learned recently. ready? ok.

first of all. new year. i omit the "happy" cuz this year didn't start off too joyful for me. my grandfather passed early january and it kinda whirled my fam in life's blender. i won't get into details...but the lesson: you can't choose who's blood, but you can choose whom to love. my ma had a convo with her baby sis about "making your own 'family' outside of your family". i love the family i've been able to create for myself. they are my love and my support system. these people are my best friends.

love. yo, loving someone and liking someone are two different ball games. i have seen these concepts played out over and over in my relationships and those of people around me. i would never have imagined how tough all of this is to wrangle. i just hope for the best for me and those around me. through all of this though, i am aware that i want a monogamous, committed relationship with someone i love, and LIKE.

living. my roomie/best friend/life partner (lolz) is moving. this will be the first time in 4 years (7 if you count years we weren't roomie's but lived in close proximity at kstate), that i won't have her (or any of my best friends) close enough to run to, cry on, laugh with, cry with, gossip to, get gossip from, study with, etc. face to face. this. scares. me. shitless.

learning. grad school got hard yo *wipes sweat from forehead*. this semester i have class, assistantship, internship. whoa. i'm runnin around crazy but after the initial shock of it all i realize that i love what i do (student affairs/development) and am more than excited for what the future holds for me...[sn: at the moment i have a heart and dedication for research on black female college student development, there is a lack of research in this area and i feel that this population can be better understood and served if research is pursued]...i'm pushin it yall.

laughing. i went through a period of depression recently and though i had many reasons to be depressed, i now also understand i have many reasons to feel blessed. i'm trying to be lighter-hearted (made that phrase up real quick) and enjoy the things that are in beside me, forget the things behind me, and embrace the things in front of me!

well, i hope i caught you up a little. i plan on keeping in touch much more often.

peace love

Friday, December 17, 2010

there is a reason for every season...

***you have to listen to the song while reading this post...makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside***

so. i loooove christmas! i love the thanksgiving to new year holiday time where people pretend (very well i mite add) to give a fuck about other people. there's decorations and singing and lots of, score, much? yes. but what i really love is that this is the only time of the year, usually, that i get to see all of my family and friends.

i don't really care about presents. i can get/buy things all year 'round. tho the little things definitely make me smile. a hand knitted hat and mittens set from a coworker, a tin bucket with my initial on it from my boss, a harry potter key chain from a friend...these things make me smile. but seeing family and friends that i don't see throughout the year is priceless.

the past 2 years, i spent the holidays without my little sister. i love her so much. but she was going through some things and stayed away from the family. it hurt. this year, she is back around and i'm in love with the idea that she, my mother, and i, will spend this holiday together. not to mention all my family coming to my gran's and my best friends being around for the holidays. love.

i wish these feelings lasted for more than a few months. i can do without all the holiday food, cuz all this exercise to stay in shape is killing me. but...the feeling. need that. but i'm realistic. i know that there's something about thanksgiving, christmas, new year's, singing, snow, and food that makes the heart warmer than it is in other months. i'll take it, enjoy it, love it.

peace + joy

Thursday, November 18, 2010

you don't even know...

how geeked i am about seeing HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS in just a few hours...

like, i'm dumb excited.

this is!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


so. the #berries dubbed yesterday #TMT or "TOO MUCH TUESDAY" for a plethora of reasons. all crazy, confusing, and hilarious. i decided for my "too much" i would openly (on public forums) say whatever came to my mind (even moreso than i already and a few things surprised me...

1) i openly (on twitter) wondered if one of my homie classmates (black dude) liked black girls. ---what? i was wrong for that???...hmph. whatever. if you guys knew all the details you would wonder too. anywho, he got super offended, low key went off on me. i was tickled, but i apologized to have offended him and told him it was just a random thought. he acknowledged my apology but NEVER answered the question.... #hmmmmm

2) i recently admitted to myself. maybe to some of my closest, closest friends that i have an appreciation and attraction for beautiful women. (well if i didn't before, i did just now *shrug*) no. i don't want to have sex with or be in a relationship with a woman. but what it is...
i decided i would openly (on twitter) make comments about my attractions to certain females. i figured some guy would make some disgusting comment, or ppl would just pretend the comment was never made. but as the nite went on my timeline shocked me... everybody was super pansexual all of a sudden! i wasn't mad, i dug it. idk if my comment made the uncomfy a little more comfy, or if chicks just really dig amber rose and nick minaj. but my twit chicks were GOIN FOR IT! lol...i was proud. #allloveeverything

i think i'm gonna officially make a habit, on "too much tuesdays", of finding some new ways to make one person or group of peeps a little less comfy...